Fake Fund Recovery and Chargeback Services

Every type of business can attract scammers. Yes, there are scam recovery services.

Is funds recovery legit? Yes, absolutely. MyChargeBack is legit. And because we are we have to advise you that not all purported fund recovery services are. If you are a scam victim, the last thing you want to do is fall for online scam recovery services.

After all, you lost a pile of money on what you believed to be a legitimate business. Perhaps it was an online brokerage offering binary options, forex or cryptocurrencyOr maybe any one of dozens of other possibilities. In the end, you realized you were the victim of an elaborate scam. You are justifiably outraged and vow to get your money back.

Before you knew it, someone who claimed to be a fund recovery specialist contacts you, unsolicited. He said that all you need to do is pay an upfront fee and he’ll get right to work. That’s standard procedure for any professional, so you didn’t bat an eyebrow. Naturally, you were anxious to proceed. And time is indeed of the essence when it comes to recovering your funds. 

He promised that he can work wonders and guaranteed you’ll get your money back — all of it.  That’s not standard procedure. No fund recovery firm can promise 100 percent success. But you didn’t know that. So without having the time to ask for references or compare his retainer with those of other firms, you paid. Immediately afterwards, however, he disappeared. He didn’t respond to your email. Nor did he answer the phone when you called. There’s no way to reach him. In fact, you’ll never hear from him again. You’re now a scam victim the second time around. And you finally ask the question, “How did he get my phone number or email in the first place?”

Every type of business that provides goods or services can attract scammers. Even our own. Yes, there are people who run online fund recovery scams. These scams represent enough of a threat to consumers that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns against them on its website and posted a number of tips how to avoid them. Such scams are especially pernicious because they target innocent consumers who already lost money to other scammers.

How Do They Find You?

At MyChargeBack, we often speak with consumers who previously fell for online fund recovery scams. What we noticed is that there are two primary channels through which the operators of these scams contact their victims. The first is by posting scam recovery reviews on online forums and broker review sites. They’ll post a comment, more often than not with mistakes, like spelling “fundrecovery” as one word rather than two. The comment generally uses the following format:

I was scammed by these guys too. All of my money went down the drain, and it seemed totally hopeless. I was even feeling suicidal. But then I got in touch with [some random name] from [some made-up company name] fundrecovery service and he helped me get all my money back! You can do it too! Just send him a message at [*****@gmail.com].

A common variation on the theme directs you to one of many anonymous “ethical hackers who hide out on the dark web. They claim to be able to break into any e-wallet and “get your bitcoin back.” Hacking, of course, is illegal. That is reason enough to ignore the advice. But beyond that, the reason why they work on the dark web is that neither you nor the authorities can trace them. 

The second channel fund recovery scams use to find you is through the original scammers. They can buy “sucker lists” from fraudulent brokers. Or they can even be the same folks who scammed you the first time around in disguise. Remember, these are professional criminals with no shame and no scruples. If they can think up a way to steal more of your money by manipulating you again, they will.

What About MyChargeBack?

Online fund recovery scams, of course, also affect us. MyChargeBack has actually been targeted directly by some of them. In order to take advantage of our reputation for reliability, some of our fake competitors have, at times, co-opted our name and logo to attract unsuspecting clients. They also post scam recovery reviews for their phony services, complete with contact information, on review sites reserved for our clients. Coming from the other direction, some of the scammers who refunded money to clients we represented retaliate by forging negative reviews about us and posting them online in order to discourage more of their victims from seeking our assistance.

Scammers, however, will never succeed in deterring us from our mission to help you resolve your dispute regarding an authorized transaction.

If you think you’ve been the victim of a fake fund recovery or chargeback service, contact the real experts at MyChargeBack