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January 2024

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MyChargeBack Assisting Police with Crypto Fraud

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The blockchain isn’t going to disappear. It can’t. It was designed to never disappear. It is permanent and inalterable. That being the case, the financial community’s attention should be focused on how its enormous untapped potential can be funneled into another, less controversial use, such as the prevention of money laundering. MyChargeBack CEO Aaron Lazor explains how in this new article published by Forbes. 

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Fighting Hacks and Scams in 2024

In this new MyChargeBack videoElijah takes a look both at last year and ahead to this one, which  promises to be full of new challenges and opportunities for the victims of scams and hacks. He talks about TradeFi, phishing, AI, social media ads, smart contracts, NFTs, CeFi and DeFi, and advises you what to do to stay safe.

Industry Insights

The 10 Most Common Crypto Scams in 2023

common scams in crypto 23

Cryptocurrency scams are on the rise, utilizing various techniques such as rug pull scams, Ponzi schemes, and phishing scams. But what are these scams and how can you avoid falling victim to them? Markus David, Director of Professional Services at MyChargeBack, answers those questions.

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