A Sales Manager Lost $340,000 to a Crypto Scam.

By Marcus David

Director of Professional Services

If you have ever invested in cryptocurrency, you know how volatile and risky it can be. You also know how tempting it is to chase the next big thing and hope for a huge return. But what if you fall victim to a crypto scam and lose all your money?

That’s what happened to a 70-year-old from California. He had been dabbling in crypto for a few years, mostly buying and holding Bitcoin and Ethereum. He was always looking for new opportunities and ways to diversify his portfolio.

One day, he came across an online advertisement from a broker called SpareBit regarding  a new crypto project called SuperCoin. It claimed to be the next generation of decentralized finance, with innovative features and a promising roadmap. It also offered a limited-time opportunity to join the pre-sale and get SuperCoin at a discounted price.

The man was intrigued by the offer and decided to check it out. He visited the website of SuperCoin and was impressed by the sleek design and the testimonials from satisfied customers. He also watched a video of the founder, who claimed to be a former Google engineer with a PhD in computer science.

So he decided to invest in SuperCoin and followed the instructions on the website. He transferred $340,000 worth of Bitcoin to the address provided by SuperCoin and waited for his tokens to arrive. He was told that he would receive them within 24 hours.

But 24 hours passed and nothing happened. He tried to contact SuperCoin through their email and phone number, but got no response. He checked their website again and found that it was offline. He realized that he had been scammed and that his money was gone.

Obviously, he felt devastated and angry. He had worked hard for his savings and now they were stolen by some anonymous crooks. He wondered if there was anything he could do to get his money back.

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