How Can I Get My Money Back?

Why MyChargeBack? Because consumers with complex transaction disputes who try to get their money back on their own may face serious obstacles. Here is what you need to know to get your money back. 

Can I get a refund? How do I get my money back? How does a refund on a credit card work? How long does a credit card refund take? Can I dispute a credit card charge for services not rendered? What exactly is the dispute resolution process

Those are only some of the questions consumers naturally ask when they have to dispute a complex transaction. But to answer these questions it is first necessary to understand what is it that makes a dispute complex. It’s not the purchase. It’s not the dispute. It’s the process for disputing it. And here’s the real problem for the purchaser: The process is complex not only because both the transaction and the dispute have to be documented thoroughly and systematically, but also because what may seem at first to be a small mistake made along the line can prevent a refund, whether it is in the form of a chargeback for a credit card or debit card dispute, a bank wire recall or cryptocurrency

That’s why consumers should first consult with complex transaction dispute professionals. Failing to do so can cost you dearly. 


Let’s begin with credit card chargebacks. While credit card networks and banks do provide basic information about how to file a chargeback request, disputes are evaluated in accordance with guidelines that are up to a thousand pages long and are updated several times a year. Disputing a credit card charge can be complicated, therefore, because credit card chargeback rules are complicated. Bank dispute departments, which are often understaffed and supplemented by temporary workers, may not have the time or the background to delve deep enough into the merits of a case to properly adjudicate it.

Alternative payment methods such as bank wires and crypto payments are even more complicated because neither enjoys chargeback protection or anything parallel to it. With a click on a mouse the funds are sent. 

Those are just some of the problems why consumers consult with us at MyChargeBack. Here is a representative sampling of the questions we answer every day:

  • What can I do if the merchant does not respond to my complaint? 
  • What can I do if the website has disappeared? Not every online business is successful. Just like their brick-and-mortar equivalents, they close shop when they can no longer pay their bills. 
  • What can I do if the website was a spoofed copy of that of an established vendor I otherwise trust? How can I hope to get money back from a fake website
  • And if worse comes to worst, how can I get money back from a scammer
  • How do I get back bitcoin? 

What Are the Risks of Financial Transactions Online?

The surest way to stay safe when making an online transaction is by familiarizing yourself with the warning signs. Here are the most important ones: 

  1. Never accept any unsolicited offer without investigating it thoroughly in advance. 
  2. Be skeptical − if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  3. Hang up on unsolicited callers if they phone again and never provide them with or confirm any personal information.
  4. Check to see if the offer comes from a firm that appears on a warning list published by your country’s financial or investment regulator or is owned by another company that is.
  5. Don’t make rash decisions. Consult an independent, licensed financial adviser before making any investment.

How Can You Prevent Online Financial Risks?

Check out the list on the left for information about some of the most common scenarios that generate complex disputes. The surest way not to stay safe when you buy something online is by not familiarizing yourself with the warning signs. Read these texts so that you will be able to detect a potential problem in advance.

What all these scenarios have in common is that they all involve illegalities committed by whoever is behind them. Criminality makes getting your money back more complex than it otherwise would be. Here are a few reasons why:


  • Criminals are motivated not to cooperate. They will string you along for as long as they can and, if that doesn’t work, they will stop responding to your inquiries.
  • They will likely use aliases and fictitious addresses in order to make it difficult to identify and locate them 
  • They may be using spoofed email addresses and websites. Or they may be using a computer system that they hacked 
  • They may be laundering money by demanding payment in gift cards or cryptocurrency, both of which are held anonymously
  • They may be masking their corporate ownership through a holding company, especially one registered in a small, underpopulated, isolated country with a weak law enforcement infrastructure   
  • You may unknowingly have accepted terms and conditions hidden on their website that are worded to compromise your rights or make you believe you have waived them

“Get My Refund!”

We hear you. Here’s the good news. Yes, if you meet the criteria and you have the necessary documentation you ought to be able to get your money back. It may take time and may demand patience. And most importantly, it may require the assistance of professionals who have the knowledge, experience and persistence to follow through.  

MyChargeBack offers consumers proven strategies that cover every possible type of complex transaction, from card-not-present disputes to bank wire transfers and cryptocurrency payments. 

  • Do you have questions about the credit card dispute process? 
  • Would you like to dispute a credit card charge? 
  • Are you a victim of credit card fraud? 
  • Do you want to reverse a bitcoin transaction? 
  • Or any other type of payment reversal? 
  • If so, we’re here to help!